Food Truck Accounting is a division of Bean Counter 4 Hire, LLC, an accounting and business support service provider. Not only do we have a soft spot in our hearts and stomachs for food trucks, but we also have deep respect for what you do day in and day out. Time is money, so let us help you work smarter. By utilizing cloud-based technology we can keep you out of the back office and on the road making money.

Michael Levy

Michael Levy, CB

CEO & Co-Founder

We are fortunate to have Michael at the helm of Bean Counter 4 Hire, LLC. He acts as a guide, navigating through the precarious terrain entrepreneurs and small business owners often face by contributing his experience, focus, and unique insight . Michael worked for several start-ups and small businesses before launching his 10-year career in Corporate Accounting. As a Staff Accountant, Michael experienced firsthand how basic data entry could be translated into sophisticated financial information. This knowledge allowed management to ultimately make wiser choices leading the companies to be more successful. It was through this experience that Michael felt compelled to share his knowledge and help entrepreneurs achieve the same level of success. Michael was able to bridge this gap through leveraging cutting-edge cloud technologies. Cloud business systems and solutions allow small business owners to operate and manage their business without the expensive overhead of an extensive staff to do so. Michael is a problem-solver and has a talent for coaching entrepreneurs with his innate fiscal sense, ethical drive, and raw technological acumen. He seeks to empower his clients with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to conquer the challenges, both expected and unexpected, that they inevitably face. Michael is ready to assist you in achieving your goals so you can focus on reaching your earned success.

Mindy Tree Cropped.jpeg

Mindy Levy

Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder

Mindy has been a key element in managing our internal processes and workflows to allow us to better support our clients. Mindy is originally from Los Angeles, CA where she started out in Entertainment Accounting. As her career developed she found herself working with entrepreneurs and small business owners in multiple industries, including Health and Wellness. This experience cultivated an enthusiasm in workflow efficiencies and for organizational motivation. With her degree in Human Development she was able to get inside the mind of an entrepreneur to carefully identify the challenges that limited their potential.  Through her personal journey, Mindy discovered the benefits of cloud accounting and business systems. She realized these would allow her to provide streamlined workflow strategies to increase productivity while keeping costs low. As an App Marketplace specialist and a key partner in our application integration research, Mindy has a wealth of essential knowledge and enjoys helping clients find the right App for the job. In addition to operations, Mindy heads up marketing and our social media team, encouraging our firm to expand so we can continue to support entrepreneurs and small business owners. If you’re having a bad day, give her a call; her pep talks are the best!

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